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Updated: Aug 2, 2019

I said I wanted to be in more shows, and here I am in my second show just one month after my first. I put it out onto Instagram that I wanted to do more, and this guy that I don't know, who I now know (he's dope), told me about his buddies who were putting on an art & music pop-up in PB.

I applied, got in, and a couple of weeks later I was a part of the backyard pop-up event put on by Prospect.

I decided to shoot 2 images specifically for this show. I knew I only had a 2 ft x 4 ft amount of space to hang my work, so I knew I wanted my work to be big and take up exactly that amount of space. The show was called Tangerine, so I thought why not incorporate the fruit? I had two friends who are beautiful models shoot with me for this one. Vayunamu Bawa and Terrence Cooper. I knew their gorgeous skin would really pop on the orange color of the tangerines. I really do love the images we got, but there are a few things I would have done differently, and it all comes down to printing and editing.

I learned a lot about printing from this show. I'm learning as I go, and a lot of people have told me that I shouldn't print at Costco, so I listened and had my work printed at Chrome Digital this time. They were amazing. Great customer service. Beautiful printing. But for me, the bottom line for something like this where I'm just trying to network and put my work out there, not really for profit, but just because... It was too expensive.

Here's 3 things I learned from printing at this show:

1- It’s expensive. I love supporting small businesses, but if you’re on a budget, which most of us artists are, Costco is the best deal. You can print a 20x30 there for $10. They use $750,000 Fugi printers, and the quality is just fine. Just make sure to uncheck the box that says “Auto Correct” when you’re ordering your print online.

2- Printing large photos = paying more money to print & frame. My solution— print smaller, sell at a lower price point. People are more likely to purchase your work this way, and you’re more likely to walk away with something, rather than nothing.

3- Especially if you’re a Mac user, the photo Will Print Darker than it looks on your computer. Calibrate the photo appropriately.

We're all learning as creatives. What works. What doesn't. After the cost of the application to the show ($20), the cost of props ($40 for 10 bags of tangerines), printing ($75), and framing ($60, I spent around $200. I didn't sell the prints, because I had to price them high in order to break even, but I think it was also because they were a little darker than I wanted them to be. The good thing is now I know to lighten them when editing. Lesson learned.

The show was still DOPE! I had a great time, and I'm so grateful to the friends who came out to show their support. The DJs were AMAZING. Like, what? I didn't know San Diego had good HipHop DJs. The best part was when this old uncle dude rolled in on his bike and got the crowd going. haha. Watch the video below.


I've got merchandise on the way! So soon I'll be selling affordable, small versions of all of my work for your walls, refrigerators, dashboards, lockers, and wherever else you put your art.

Thanks again for the love you showed last night! I had a blast! Thanks Tangerine!

I tried to get rid of all the T A N G E R I N E S so they didn't go to waste, but I still have a LOT leftover. Gonna make a trip down the SD skid row later I guess. Can't stand wasting, but I will in the name of art. Feel me?

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