I was asked to do a shoot for SoCal Sidecars- a brand new company up in Temecula unlike any other. Their concept is wine and beer tours via motorcycle sidecar. The most original part of the business is the custom-made sidecars can fit two people, creating a fun, romantic experience. The owner, Jacob Chambers, custom built everything himself and is super passionate about his company.

Funny thing about this shoot- None of the bikes ever actually moved during any part of the shooting. Jacob forgot to charge them the night before (oops!), so in photos where they are actually moving, it's because the boys had to push them! We worked with what we had though, and I think they turned out really beautiful against the Southern California wine country backdrop.

Models: Shery Lenn, Kris Kaminski, Amanda Veltri, Jason Griffin, Laurice East, Jacob Chambers

Creative Director & Photographer: Sydney Prather

Company: SoCal Sidecars

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