Revolt Wine Co.

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

My wife, Alyssa, recently became a part-owner of a wine company called Revolt Wine Co. Their thing is wine in a keg. Yep, there's no bottles. That kind of puts keg stands into a whole new perspective.

They have just launched their new brand from bottles to kegs, and I was hired to take their photos for marketing. (Side note: I took all of their marketing photos when they were in bottles too. If you go to their website, all of the photos are by me. <3)

Revolt is all about inspiring people through wine and music. The owners (Alyssa and Heather) are tatted up, and that artsy/grunge feeling you see when you look at traditional style tattoos is a lot like what they want Revolt's branding to look like. Also, everything in black and white, which is a photographer's dream, because black and white is so easy and forgiving. You can basically make anything look good in black and white.

Heather and I came up with the concept for this shoot. We had a local band (The Frets) join us at Amplified's Backstage Beer Lounge in PB, along with a couple of models, and then we proceeded to drink wine, play music, and just have a good time while I took photos of it all.

We were all really pleased with the final images.

Revolt Wine is in 3 locations in San Diego so far: Amplified in PB, Amplified in East Village, and 710 Beach Club. Please go have a taste, and let me know when you do!

Also, you HAVE to go give The Frets a listen. They are an incredible band. This is the second time I've had the opportunity to work with them. The last time was at the SpringBoard West festival where they were one of the headliners. These guys are going far, and I wouldn't say that unless I really meant it.

Photography: Sydney Prather

Brand: Revolt Wine Co.

Models: The Frets, Revolt Wine team, Sun-Young & Sean Allen

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