Every year we witness hundreds of our social media influencers posting about Donut Day, May the 4th, Margarita Day, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Pride Month, Black History Month, etc…the list goes on and on and on.

I didn’t see anyone post anything about National Women’s Day this year. In fact, when I invited a few of my female friends over to celebrate NWD with free headshots, I got some push-back.

To be honest, it’s cool- I really don’t care what people do and don’t celebrate, but I think when it comes to celebrating women, people are scared to sound like feminists. It’s the 21st century- MOST of us are feminists. That doesn’t mean you wear pants suits and burn bras at protests. It means you stand up for women’s rights.

As Charity put it when talking about her time living in Italy, “[In Italy], they don’t put any limits on celebrating life.”We should feel like we can do that too without fear of what others may think we mean by celebrating whatever it is we are celebrating. We should all just celebrate. Especially if it’s a celebration of who we are. Who cares what you might sound like for doing so?

Anyway, I wanted to do something cool for a few of the women in my life, just because. So on Thursday, with Alyssa's help, we had 6 women over for headshots, appetizers, music, and a little bit of networking. It was a good time, and special thanks to all the ladies that showed up. These headshots are 🔥








I love these photos. <3

Photographer: Sydney Prather

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