Dylan Dunlap

I'm usually not one to step out of my comfort zone during a photo shoot. I make models do it all the time, but not me. I usually know what I'm doing, because I've done it several times before. This time, when Dylan asked me to photograph him, I knew I wanted to do something a little out of my comfort zone though. I think I just trusted the guy. He's very outspoken about vulnerability and mental illness issues, like depression. I knew if anyone would be ok with me experimenting with photography it would be the guy preaching inclusion and love and kindness.

The idea behind the shoot was to make the viewer feel the way his music makes you feel when you listen to it... Lyrically, it's lonely, but musically it's not. He's got a lot of instruments and vocals backing him up. It makes you feel full. Here's an example from his newest single "Liar Lover."

I found that to be so interesting and wanted to convey that in the photos of him by making him look still while the background swooshed by. Simple concept, but its success is heavily dependent on the movement (people, cars, wind, etc) and the model (hoping he's not a shaky or fidgety person).

I'd never really done anything like that before, and all of the images didn't turn out exactly how I had imagined; but overall, I'm happy with them, and he liked them too, so that's a win in my book.

~You'll be seeing a lot more of the last image (or type of image) soon, but I can't tell you any details because it's top secret. Dylan's words- not mine.

~Also, one of these images was just published in Ones to Watch, which is a blog by Live Nation.

Model/Artist: Dylan Dunlap

Photography & Creative Direction: Sydney Prather

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