Cedrice. What a beautiful, talented woman. I spotted her on my rooftop a few weeks ago when I was hosting a Sofar Sounds concert. She was a member of the audience, and I made a mental note that I wanted to talk to her about modeling for me before she left the show.

A little before the show was over, she got up to leave, so I bolted over and gave her my info and asked her to contact me if she's down for photos. She did! We had coffee the first time we met, and I asked her a million questions about her life, 1- because I wanted to know her and her vibe, and 2- because she's seriously interesting. She's sponsored by Jameson, because as it turns out she is an amazing singer. The girl's got soul. I can't wait to go to my first show of hers.

The second time we met up was to shoot. I picked an abandoned Toys-R-Us lot. I knew I wanted a large, empty space, and on my second time out location-scouting, I spotted this lot from the road. She didn't even question it or why. One reason I love artists. They just get it.

Anyway, she's a natural, as predicted. I should've been a talent scout. Check out the photos from our shoot below and the behind the scenes video at the bottom of this post.

Model: Cedrice

Video: Alyssa Douglas

Photography: Sydney Prather

Creative Direction: Sydney Prather & Alyssa Douglas

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