Bootworld | DOWNTOWN

This was my third shoot for Bootworld. They requested a Fashion shoot, and I took that as free range to use a harsh flash on the dark sidewalks of downtown San Diego. I've been wanting to try a Gucci-look, and that's what I went for here. I have a little learning to do.

In hindsight, I really should have done more of the direct flash (I wavered mid-shoot in fear that they might not like things lit that way). My plan was to use it the whole shoot, but sometimes I get in my head about what a client might want, and I don't stick to my plan like I should. Lesson learned though. The photos with the direct flash were all of my favorites. 


Thank you to all of my models: Audrey Zito, Cailin Moira Caeg & Andy Boyd

Models: Audrey Zito, Cailin Moira Caeg & Andy Boyd

Photographer & Creative Director: Sydney Prather

Company: Boot World

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