Updated: Jan 4, 2019

First off, 5 & a Dime is rad. They're funny- go look at their IG. This shirt is an inside joke, which sorry I can't explain to you, because they're going to when the time is right. Sorry!. But anyway, I created an entire shoot around this shirt.

Without giving anything away, the image on the shirt is of something being destroyed, and I thought having a tiny woman destroy something in the shirt would look pretty cool. I picked one of the most badass chicks I know- Heather Hudson. She's the owner of Revolt Wines, and Alyssa and I have been working with her for a few years now. She and Alyssa have recently started a design business together as well called Voza, and they are also planning this awesome event called SpringBoard West.

So, in other words, Heather is busy, but she was still down to do some modeling for me. Plus, who wouldn't be down to bash in some TVs? Funny though- these old TVs I got from the thrift store were completely impossible to destroy. She ended up having to hit it from the back before anything would break. See for yourself below...

PS: She ended up on their homepage.

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