I picked up a camera when I was 16, and I started selling images the next year to the football players, cheerleaders and band members at my high school. I consider that my start.

15 years later, I've explored pretty much every kind of photography you can think of, but what I've always come back to is the photos that tell a story.


I primarily focus on editorial & headshot work now, creating content for people, businesses, and brands. Please email me for bookings. Thanks for checking out my work!

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Shooting #BlindLocation*

*see last week

Somewhere in San Diego

Every Friday, 2019

Shooting w/ Ellie Nichols & Karina Broden

San Diego, CA

October 7th, 2019

Shooting for San Diego Magazine​

See my photos in August's issue

September Issue, 2019

Pop-Up Art Show w/ MC Fitzgerald

SafeLight Labs, San Diego, CA

October 23rd, 2019

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T- 619-341-7712

IG- @sydneyprather

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